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  • Some frequently asked questions

    We understand that you have questions regarding our services. We will try our best to answer them. For now, these are some questions we often encounter:

    Yes, we are an online platform that offers services related to tender procurement. Our services include:
    ● Tender notification
    ● Consultation
    ● Preparation
    ● E-submission
    ● Tender results
    We have various membership-based subscription plans for you to choose from. For more details contact us via email.

    We scour every news outlet for relevant information, both online and offline. Also, we keep checking magazines, journals, and official websites of Government organizations, PSUs, and private corporations. We scour everything with a fine-toothed comb to provide you the latest news on tenders, RFIs, RFPs, etc.

    We strive to achieve perfection and authenticity with our services. That’s why we scrutinize our sourced information and check if it seems false or spam. We try both online and offline authentication processes for that. We don’t want to provide false information, just as you don’t want to act on misinformation.

    Yes, we update our databases regularly. We do it in real-time, so we don’t offer old information.

    We offer subscription-based membership Plans for customers. Currently, we have these four plans for you:
    ● Basic (2 years) (Rs 2000)
    ● Customized (flexible) (variable costs)
    ● Business (2 years) (Rs 4000)
    ● Premium (2 years) (Rs 7000 )