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    Tender Notification
    Government organizations, PSUs, and private corporations release tender notifications regularly. We bring you the latest; you can get the information on our website and your mail. Therefore, you will never miss a crucial tender ever again. We scrutinize the news, so you don’t have to waste time on junk tenders.
    Vendor empanelment
    If you are looking for a corporate body, which can help you with vendor empanelment, look no further. We can tell you about opportunities and help you with the configuration. We will help you with the documents as well.
    Tender preparation
    If you are unaware of this process, don’t worry, we got you covered. We will tell you the details, which documents you will need, and how to prepare them. We will also provide tender results to help you understand the situation. You need to provide all the credentials, and then we will start the procedure. We will create the papers and email them over to you for submission. We will ensure that projects do not slip out of your hands due to a technicality.
    We can offer consultation regarding the documentation and related procedure. So, if you are stuck anywhere, feel free to contact us.
    If you cannot submit the document yourself for any reasons, we can do an e-submission for you remotely, with your consent (over Anydesk or TeamViewer).
    GeM registration
    GeM stands for Government e-marketplace where people can gain information about different government offices and related tenders. This place provides information on the latest updates and is known for dynamic pricing features. But to access all this information, a business needs to register itself on the portal. Now, we know that this is a complicated task. That's why we are here for you. We will take care of the registration, and you can sit back, enjoy and relax. Contact us for a faster and efficient GeM registration. Got questions? We have the answers ready for you.
    DSC signature
    A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is electronic ID proof. It authenticates the identity of a person or a business using electronic means. Also, it protects the person's online privacy, along with preserving data integrity. It contains all the basic information, a digital key that includes the person's digital signature. At Tender Solutions, we will provide numerous DSC certificates, including Class 2 certificates for individuals, Class 3 certificates for both businesses and people. For that, we will need all the necessary information and documents from our clients, after they have requested for it. Then, we will go through the necessary procedures to ensure that they get a valid certificate without going through all that hassle.